Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I received an unexpected and technolust wish fulfilling gift the other day. This astounding surprise gift came from a longtime friend who said he thought I could use some cheering up. This gift goes far above and beyond the cheering up category -- I'm perma-cheered and spoiled rotten.

I still can't find the words to properly thank him, I don't know that it is possible. I do know that the proper application of surprise technology is better than a whole bottle of the anti-depressant of your choice. When I asked him what in the world possessed him to send me the new iPod touch, he said "I haven't heard such unbridled desire for a toy in anyone's voice outside of a ten year old, how could I not..." (I had been talking about how I waaaaaanted one, but didn't neeeeed one and how cooooool they are -- yes I am a bit nerdy). He also noted that this now qualifies me as his adopted niece, which I guess means I'm getting younger. That works for me.

I've been jumping up and down and squealing like a little kid who just got a puppy. I've also been randomly grinning at people since opening the box. Fortunately for me, this puppy only wants to be charged up and be fed music, books, games and software updates, and requires no potty training. This. Is. The. Best. Toy. Ever.

I couldn't sleep the first night, I kept waking up and grinning. I think that "Uncle Ted" is right, I did need some cheering up, even though I didn't realize it. I feel like my ego is re-inflated and I'm ready to take on the world again. Having to always be on the look out and advocate for yourself in a world where most normal things can be poison can take a bit out of a gal. I didn't realize how down I was till I got back up. I've gotten worn down by the day to day, it feels like corn has gotten everywhere and in everything and there is nothing, in the face of the corn lobby and FANN's indifference, that can be done to protect the corn allergic. Keeping myself basically safe and kind of healthy can be a lot of work, and I'm an adult. I can't imagine how difficult this is for a parent of an allergic child.

Certainly the toy, oh what an amazing, wonderful, unexpected, fabulous gift that I adore has made my day, but mostly the act of being given such a fantastic thing out of the blue is what has added bonus points to my sense of self. I'd like to think I am at a point in my life where I don't need external validation and things should not add to my sense of self or self worth, but Uncle Ted's amazing gift has made a huge difference in my outlook. I feel a like I've grabbed a particularly valuable object in a video game, one that supercharges your character's life force. For me, add one shiny new surprise iPod and and my will to live is topped off. Apparently I needed some external validation, and this is it. I'm validated and ready to take on the wide world full of corn.

Also, fortunately for me Apple has not been sucked in by the ridiculous claims that corn plastic is eco-friendly. The packaging was basically corn free -- not that I would have able to slow down by a nanosecond to open it carefully had there been suspect materials. It soooo would have been worth a 3 day Benadryl coma.

I'm going back to playing with my International Talk Like a Pirate Day & Mid Autumn Moon Festival from gift. Thanks Uncle Ted, you are The Best Ever! If I could sprinkle this post with glitter and rainbow hearts to show how 10-year-old purely happy I am, I would.
Oh wait...

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Unknown said...

Now's shes in purple
Now's she the turtle



this was naught but a cynical ploy on my part to have at least one beautiful woman stand up and sing Gladis Knight's "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" at my funeral. And, I stress, and nothing to do with quoting a line from "A Shocking Accident" to me on the very day the mass media was heralding "the end of irony".


Christine said...

And again you put a smile on my face. I'm going to need to take singing lessons -- so in off chance I outlive you, I can serenade the weeping crowd.

In case someone is reading the comments and doesn't know the story, here is a link:

'It makes you think, doesn't it? Happening like that. Out of a clear sky.'