Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking Rules

I have the evil red bumpies today -- the smallest and most upsetting of my reaction set since it actually hurts. I did it to myself at work, sorting photocopies. While chatting with a colleague, I carelessly licked a finger to make flipping pages easier, did it again and POP! Evil red bumpies.

I hate this reaction because I feel each little bump erupt, and have a hard time not getting irritated. Like with most difficult situations, staying calm seems to make reactions less intense, more bearable. When you've just poisoned yourself and your instant karma is small points of pain, it can be a bit difficult to remember this.

Over the last few years I've broken myself of the habit of chewing on pens, putting a hairclip in my teeth while doing my hair, holding nails in my lips. The thousand thoughtless things that touch our lips in any given day are now off limits. A pen fresh out of the box is just as off limits as a pen from my desk. It's not germaphobia, it's possible corn contact. I have no idea what as used in the factory or even what was on the hands of the last person that touched this thing. Maybe it is skin safe, but do I really need to take it to the next level of testing by putting it in my mouth? Yikes.

I take for granted that my internalized rules of behavior will keep me safe. Apparently I need a refresher this week.

The crash course:
  1. If you don't know what is in/on it, don't put it in your mouth.
  2. Be prepared, carry your emergency supplies everywhere, everyday.
  3. Speak up, if you need something to be changed to keep you safe.
  4. Move it, get and stay away from airborne sources of your allergen.
  5. Stay calm, try to relax and give yourself a break when reactions happen.

We all make mistakes. Lately it feels like I do more so than most. I have 2 new foods lined up to trial this weekend, but this makes my third minor reaction in a week, so no go. I need at least 5 clear days before risking anything new. Ke garne? Something to look forward to next week.

Be safe. I am your horrible warning.

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