Monday, November 6, 2006

Nothing Personal, I'm Sure...

..but my favorite coffee place tried to kill me! In an effort to be even more eco-friendly they switched to straws made from a renewable resource--CORN OIL! Being the uber-hip place that they are, they didn't feel the need to tell anyone (brag) about this change. I found out the fun way -- by using the straw to drink an allergen-free (for me) fruit smoothie. I took 3 sips and --BAM!--huge, almost unstoppable reaction.

After I downed a bunch of Benadryl, Zantac and Claritin, and got out the Epi-Pen, we tried to figure out what went wrong. The only thing we could identify is that the straw was different (more solid and with a smaller diameter) from before. A. talked to the guy a the counter and found that they were using these wonderful, new, eco-friendly straws. Arrrgh! *head desk* He got them to put a “Corn Oil Based” label on the straw container. yay

I’ve had enough allergy medicine to stop a buffalo, but I still woke up puffy lipped, red-cheeked, stuffed up, itchy and nauseous. This sucks.

Edid: I've since then tried a corn plastic cup, also not labeled, also reacted. I checked out this corn plastic on the web. It is supposed to be stable to 114 degrees and hypo-allergenic. Unfortunately, not hypo-allergenic for the corn allergic or stable enough to keep corn out of the drinks. *shudder* Also, this stuff is made out of GMO, not for human consumption, corn. Uggh. Not as eco friendly as it sounds.

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