Friday, June 6, 2008

Even Whole Foods Can Be a Minefield

Arrgh, stupid dishwasher detergent! I forgot that I can't just pick up boxes of things that I might be allergic to and read the ingredients to see if they are safe. If I am unlucky and pickup the wrong box of detergent, like the Ecover brand that is made with corn starch, I just might get some on me or inhale it and ruin our late night run to the grocery store by doing my St. Vitus dance of itchinesses.

I manged to hold it together long enough to help my A. get his steaks and wine for the sashlik marinade. Then we made a run for home where I had forgotten the Benadryl. I have been leaving the Beandryl out of my bag when I go to work because I have a bottle stored there, but then I forget to put it in when I come home. Clearly, this is not working. I think it is time to look for a new mini flask to carry it in --maybe it is time to start hinting that I want an engraved one for my birthday. I wonder if A. can get it engraved with the Benadryl label like he put on the last flask. I really liked the flask after he did that -- so smart and funny! Also it stopped the funny looks I would get when I would rip it out of my purse and start chugging Benadryl in public. Yes, I am tactful and charming like that, such savoir-faire.


Anonymous said...

So, have I told you that dishwashing detergent gives me seizures?

I can't use a powder detergent, because often I have simple-partial seizures when pouring the detergent. I have to use the kind that comes in a little capsule.

Once the dishwasher is done running, I cover my mouth and open the dishwasher, then back away quickly because the steam has given me seizures.

I have even had seizures in the detergent aisle at Walmart.

My neurologist has absolutely no explanation for this, and thinks I am crazy.


Liz aka xlame/lizisallergic.

-c said...

Liz, what else gives you seizures? Is it only the detergent? I get really sick in the detergent isle, from all the corn in the fragrances and detergents.

We had been using a 7th generation brand that has citric acid (made from corn) so I couldn't be in the house when the dishwasher was running or for an hour or 2 after or I would have a reaction. So my sweetie had to do dishes. But I've been having problems with residue on the plastic cups, so we are looking for an alternative.

Two weeks ago I walked into my neighbors when her dishwasher was finishing up and I didn't have a problem -- she uses the Electrosol 2-1 tabs fresh sent. We've tried those once so far, and no reaction. But we will trial a few more times before declaring them safe for me.

I have these reactions with 2 HEPA filters and the A/C running in the apartment. Have you tried an air filter near the dishwasher? Does it help at all?

Anonymous said...

Well, I have temporal lobe epilepsy, with no known cause. AKA no genetic pre-deposition and no head injuries. The only patterns I ever noticed with seizures were dish soap and my "time of the month". Both neurologists I have visited have been sure that I imagined the connection between soap and steam and seizures, because they have never heard of such a thing, but I am 100% sure that there is some sort of connection. I haven't had any seizures since I started my new diet, though, which isn't really any big thing in itself, because I have gone months at a time in the past.

Anonymous said...

I like the flask idea! I just found your blog and am reading thru your posts. Finally someone like me!!! I have (dr. tested) soy, corn, peanut and egg allergies, so since being diagnosed 5 years ago, I have NO life. And other Dr.s I go to act like I'm crazy when I tell them this and say there is no such thing as a corn allergy. I think I've even developed additional allergies to chicken (GM corn fed) I get the same headache, itchy, throat closing in, can't breathe reaction just smelling it roasting that I get smelling corn oil cook. If I eat it, up it comes and I'm in bed for the rest of the day and next. I was prescribed Allegra and was on it since I was diagnosed but have had to stop taking as I developed an very bad side effects to that drug. I stopped taking, problems went away. Went on prednisone and those side effects left me unable to leave my house for 2 weeks. Have to deal with my Dr.'s telling me the side effects are all in my head. Thank you for blogging about this issue.

Christine said...

Hi Anonymous,
I hope you checked out the links on the webpage. There is one place you can go to find other people like us, it is the Corn Avoiders Forum. There are people there with issues like yours and it is where I found the most help over the years.
Check out the links page for the corn free products list and the names of corn derivatives.

Good luck and be careful out there!