Thursday, August 28, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

A friend's three year old, as she would say almost four, almost caused me to drive off the road yesterday. During our drive back from the park she discovered the box of corn-free crackers I keep on the back seat as emergency food. Before digging in she asked if they were corn free. When I assured her that they were, she started eating them up like they were the best crackers she had ever tasted. The crackers are ok, but not really that amazing.

I started to worry that I was going to ruin her lunch by stuffing her full of crackers during her 10 min. in the backseat. So I asked, "Should you be eating all those crackers? Aren't the corn-free crackers just for me?"

She, stopped mid bite and very solemnly assured me, "No, these are mine. I have a corn allergy too." I laughed so hard, I drove right past our turn.

Happily, she had a miraculously recovered from her allergy when it came time for a soft granola bar bedtime snack that is full of corn syrup and other corn-y ingredients (she asked if it was corn free, but decided that it was yummy enough to eat anyway), but she still remembered to wash her hands before hugging me. Now if she can just cure my allergies.

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