Monday, October 13, 2008


I don't get big hives, but I sometimes get, I believe the scientific name is, little red itchy bumpies. Yesterday had a new, exciting type of reaction to going after something scary growing under the bath mat with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I can't figure out what to blame for the reaction; mold, Mr. Clean, something I ate earlier?

Painful Red Bumpies! There is a symptom I never want to see again.

I could feel each one of these pop out. Talk about panic inducing reactions. Each one erupted painfully and I was reduced to whining and cringing just hoping they would stop. They started on my back and moved out to my arms and legs. It was like evil chicken pox in double quick time. I was joking that I had some new version of the plague since they hurt so much.

I used to think that hives would be a nice easily identifiable symptom, but I take that back. I've never heard of hives hurting, and I never want anything like that again. Benadryl helped, but I'm afraid to get into a hot shower this morning, since that can reawaken my skin reaction. Also, I lost most of Sunday to a Benadryl coma, but at least I am well rested.

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Von said...

Its the Mr Clean thing.

Cleaning supplies are evil.

Sorry about the hives thing though. Its the one allergy symptom I hardly ever get, and have only had mildly.

Sometimes I also think it would be great to have a visible reaction like hives, but maybe hives without the itchy. I don't do so well with itchy. :)

Hope things are better.