Saturday, November 1, 2008

Food Allergic for Obama

I have a life threatening food allergy and for this reason I'm voting for Obama for President.*

Why does who is president have anything to do with food allergies? Why do politics belong on a food allergy blog? I have a lot more to say about who I think should be president and why, but I'm going to limit myself to only information that is really relevant to those of us who depend on medical care and scientific research for our personal safety. Of course, food allergy parents have to look at the longer term for what will be good for their children as well.

The questions that are crucial to all of us are simple:
Which administration will better fund health and science research?
Which administration will be more open to health care issues?
Which administration will value scientific inquiry over ideology, dogma or party line?

From what I've read, Obama seems the clear choice. I'm not going to change anyone's mind in a simple blog post, but if you are still deciding how to vote on Tuesday, here is some allergen free food for thought:

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America-Obama vs. McCain: Health Care Research Agendas
A post from Families With Food Allergies for Obama on the Obama Blog Site

Allergy & Political Humor - When I was talking about the election with her parents, Grace, the allergy aware 4-year old, asked me, "Would you vote for Obama if he had corn in his tummy?" Note that a tummy full of my allergen is her excuse to get out of being tagged or tickled when we play. I told her, I'd vote for him even if all he ate was corn. She looked shocked at this and finally said, "You reeeally like him." Out of the mouth of babes.

*Truth in Blogging: There are many, many more reasons I'm voting for him that have nothing to do with my personal health situation and a lot to with the good of the country as a whole. Also, I live in an early voting state, so I've already voted.

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