Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thawing out

That was a bit of a hibernation following the food allergy carnival post! My apologies for the long delay.

I've just relocated across the country and have been spending my time trying to find new sources of corn free products. Since I'm now on my own in a town without a Whole Foods, which was my stand by for everything from tea to frozen veggies, my shopping options are much smaller and it is taking more time to find things that are safe. Fortunately the two major grocery stores have organic sections and carry Amy's and Imagine Organics soups. I've found eggs, and milk that are okay and a few other of my regular brands, but I've been eating a lot of soup lately.

Needless to say a few of my upcoming posts will be about finding corn free options in the middle of winter when your shopping is limited. I haven't felt like testing new things, because without a watcher, provoking a reaction is just too risky.

So the bad thing about moving is needing to develop a whole new support and information system to deal with the allergy. The good thing is that I am not allergic to the water here, so I am one well hydrated gal and I can have a cup of tea at the local bookstore without having to explain too much. Also this town doesn't seem to have been sucked in quite as much by the hooey about corn plastic being good for the environment (more on that later!) The bad news, it is still cold. :)

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Jennifer B said...

I am trying to remember where you were before...I can't keep track of all the bloggers I follow! I hope you had a smooth uneventful move. If you are in the NE, please check out Hannaford. I find they are a pretty good supermarket for the peanut and nut allergies (maybe corn too?) and specialty items generally.