Sunday, May 3, 2009

Like Garlic for Vampires

Having moved cross country at the end of December, I'm doing a lot of meeting new people and the whole I've got a severe corn allergy song and dance. Perhaps little intro cards with my general warnings and disclaimers would be a the way to go, a combination time saver and ice breaker. Also, it would keep me from developing these pockets of people who want to discuss their digestive issues at parties. I'm sure the hosts love that.

I met a friend's wife for the first time today and she asked if I was excited about an upcoming movie. Automatically I responded, "Can't go, popcorn." My quick witted friend quipped, "Ah, that would be like garlic for vampires.

I'd been likening the atmosphere in a movie theater as being similar to having a handful of anthrax thrown in front of a fan -- in terms of peril for the severely corn allergic. Being in a movie theater where there is an incredible amount of corn protein floating in the air is a recipe for disaster, the idea of all that airborne posion terrifies me. Anthrax blowing around may be a fitting analogy, but it lacks something in the way of poetry and humor.

Like Garlic for Vampires it is. Thanks D.F., nice one.


Drew said...

I like....especially since I coined! :)

Christine said...

Maybe I could interest you in writing up those intro cards for me? :D