Monday, May 25, 2009

Submit Your Posts for the Next Food Allery Carnival!

It's almost time for the next Living With Food Allergies Carnival, so please submit your posts!

I'd love have a theme with lots of posts on the upside of food allergies or a positive change in your life from having a food allergy or food allergic person in your family -- but really, any post about living with food allergies would be great! Recipes, challenges, how you cope, what you reacted to today...whatever is on your mind!

Go to before 9pm on Wed May 27th and submit your post. If you have a problem, email me at cornallergy at gmail (dot) com

I've been deluged with a bunch of spam posts about miracle weight loss foods and how to live your life with prosperity and success. Umm. I'm falling to make the connection with food allergies.

So, anything to do with living with food allergies, send it in. Anything on another topic, sorry wrong carnival.

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