Monday, June 30, 2008

Danger! Baby!

I was going to call this post Poison Baby, but that seems a little too mean since the reaction was not the baby's fault. It's not like she can read the ingredients on what mom gave her to eat, but I should have.

Sunday's reaction was brought to us courtesy of Danger Baby, who disarmed my corn sniffing defenses with her cuteness. I couldn't resist picking her up and playing with her even though she had just finished eating. When she sweetly patted my cheek, the corn oil that dinner was cooked in (she's 14 months old and likes to feed herself)was enough to set off a reaction. Didn't take long before all the fun was over and it was Benadryl and sleepy time for me.

This bundle of cuteness is a friend's niece and her mom has been very understanding about the seriousness my allergy, mom has a penicillin allergy so she knows how much fun a reaction is not. She had been wiping down Danger Baby before I played with her since the baby had been eating clearly corny dinner and snack food every time I had seen her. This time it was a take out food that didn't alert either of us and we were both tired. The cuteness won out over common sense and I'm paying for it with the 1/2 a bottle of children’s dye free Benadryl I drank last night, the asthma, sore throat, stomach problems, Benadryl hangover and the fact that my still swollen fingers are making it hard to type. The Angelena Jolle lips are a bonus though.

Danger! Baby! Don't let the cuteness make you relax your guard.

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Jeff said...

See, this is what I've been saying for a while: the younger generation and Evolution have teamed up to want you dead. Don't take it personal. You've served yer purpose and it's time to move on.