Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who puts corn in everything? Honestly.

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I had one of those 30 second conversations at work the other day that leaves you shaking you head and doubting your sanity. A lovely and sensitive women who is one of the heads of the department I work for happened through my office on the way to a meeting and mentioned that she was going to try to order a corn free option for me for the lunch for our full day training on Saturday. I told her not to bother, that I would bring my own food.

She said, "It's no bother we can get flour tortillas for you, we are having tacos."

I'd like to offer this up as a suggestion, if you know you have someone on your staff that is deathly allergic to a particular food, you might not want to order the meal for the 100+ people who will be at this training to be WRAPPED IN THEIR ALLERGEN!! Honestly.

Okay, corn is a rare allergy. But, the people planning this function know that I did not go to the group bowling thing at the last training because the place made popcorn. They made an effort not to put corn chips in the snack options at the last traning session. They do know how allergic I am and just plain common sense says that if someone has a LIFE THREATENING allergy to a thing, you just do not put it all over the food. It seems that people understand peanut allergy, generally. If you knew that someone on staff was anaphylactic to peanuts, would you roast peanuts or order peanut crusted fish for lunch? No, of course not. That would endanger their life, right? So why would you order lunch wrapped in corn!?!?

I am going to run away during lunch. Inert corn is not a problem, but the way people eat corn chips and tacos really is, since everyone crunches and manages to put plenty of protein in the air, it is the nature of the food. The way I see it, I have two options. I can just not go back after lunch, or I can stay till I get too sick to manage. Once I take Benadryl, my ability to learn anything is gone anyway. I'd like to stay for the training, I love my job. Who puts corn in everything! Honestly.

Edit: BTW I just found out that someone higher up has a mild (as in gets itchy and has some gastro discomfort) allergy to soy and wheat so I assume they decided to fully accommodate her by serving corn as the main starch (what about rice?) and just happened to try to kill me in the process. I might not feel as bad if they had completely forgotten about my allergy instead of choosing not to take it seriously. Honestly.


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Elliott Broidy said...

Lol... honestly!