Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amazon wish list for the corn allergic (updated!)

I put a few items on an Amazon Wish list for the Corn Allergic -- you'll notice that MY shipping address is not attached, these are my suggestions for your loved ones with a corn allergy.

So although I do desperately covet each and every one of these items particularly the bread machine, mini-rice cooker and Bento food packer, I will try to drop some hints of my own on my family or eventually do some shopping on my own. ( I've already read The Omnivore's Dilemma and seen King Corn) I've heard wonderful things about the Kindle from a few people on the forum, seems very pricey to me, but if you are looking for the ultimate gift for an allergic person who has trouble with new books, papers and magazines and can't stand to wait for them to off gas for a while, there you go.

These are gadgets that I think would be quite amazing for the corn allergic, who have to make and pack everything they eat! Christine's Holiday shopping bonanza. Or get the The Omnivore's Dilemma and King Corn video for friends and family who just can't understand. I've had a chef at the one restaurant I really trust come to the table to say "kudos to you for eating out" after he found out I have a corn allergy. At another coffee shop, a barrista who has just read Omnivore's Dilemma was happy to give me a real cup with out the usual song and dance after finding out about the corn allergy. We chit chatted about how corn is everywhere, what a change!

My Wish List
Check it out and let me know what to add so you can send your friends and family there!


Anonymous said...

Great List!! thank you for this blog, it is wonderful. I read M. Pollan's new book, In Defense of Food, and really enjoyed that one, too. Now I want to see King Korn, had never heard of that DVD before now. Thanks.
--Dottie Pendleton

Dottie said...

sorry for the extra comment, just wanted to sign in.

Christine said...

Thanks Dottie! It is a great movie, I've seen the DVD at our local Blockbuster, so grab the family and have a popcorn-free movie night! :-)

Dottie said...

King Korn is GREAT! My family learned a lot even though we have informed ourselves about corn and its prevalence in the American diet. Good movie. Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.