Saturday, December 20, 2008

Over the river and through the woods

The joy of holiday car trips are only compounded by adding a corn allergy into the mix. Living in Colorado where E-85 gas (85% corn ethanol) is available at most gas stations and like most of the US our gas has corn in it, I've become a gal who resorts to getting other people to pump her gas or deciding to fill the tank right before I go home, so I can take some benadryl and go to bed. All the corn fumes at a gas station set me off, while I can make a quick drive a few blocks I really don't want to go further than that, lest I become a real traffic hazard.

So, crossing the country for the holidays this year meant 2 choices, several planes packed with people covered in corn (perfumes, hairspray, etc.) and airports full of it or a 26 hour car trip involving either pumping corn containing gas and getting poisoned with ethanol fumes or driving allover creation looking for full service stations in unfamiliar towns and possibly a hotel stay.

These things are not such fraught decisions for the rest of the U.S. I think most people base their decisions on what is quicker and more economical. Of course, not flying on that airline that still serves peanuts, (Southwest) if you have a peanut allergy is a BIG consideration!

Luckily for me, my brother came to the rescue and made the cross country drive with me. I packed a bag of safe linens and a pillow in case we had to stay somewhere. Being the total Rock Star driver that he is, not only did he do almost all of the driving, he also dropped me off at the door of each rest stop and went to pump gas. Honestly, I felt like a princess, or at the least, precious, if somewhat bedraggled, cargo. I also now feel bad for every rotten thing I ever did to him when we were kids.

This is the first time in years I've made it home without being drugged up to deal with the airports. So Hooray for My Brother and Happy Holidays to All! I hope everyone has had or will have safe travels and and enjoy whatever holidays they celebrate during the end of the year.

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Rose said...

What an awesome awesome brother!!! It's always nice to hear stories of families that are so understanding of the allergy. This xmas my SIL went out of her way to scour stores and made my daughter granola that was safe as part of her present. It was so sweet!

I just wanted to say I'm so glad I found your blog. It makes me feel a little less crazy when I go through hoops to get me daughter food that is "safe". Even our allergist looked at me weird when I said I can't give her most table salt.