Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dine In / Help Out

I've seen "dine out to end hunger" where restaurants pledge a percent of their profits to the local food bank. These days, participating it that kind of thing is too risky for me, if I don't cook it I don't eat it. In this economy, dining out is a luxury for many people too.

Feeding America has teamed up with Stouffers for a "Dine In" campaign that doesn't cost you a cent and just your email address can generate a $5 donation from Stouffers to help feed hungry children in America. For that I can put up with a little junk mail from Stouffers. (There is a box you can check so that you don't get any more email from the campaign.)

Here is the deal:

PLEDGE TO HOST YOUR DINNER AND STOUFFER'S® WILL DONATE $5 to Feeding America to provide meals for children and their families struggling with hunger

Pledge to have a dinner with family and friends to talk about childhood hunger and STOUFFER'S® will donate $5.

Go to their webpage to register your Dine In dinner.

By simply hosting a dinner with your friends and family, you can help can make a difference for the more than 12 million American children and their families who don't have access to regular healthy meals.

This takes seconds to do. Please help a hungry family by pledging to have a meal with family and friends. Kuddos to Stouffers for doing this.

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